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Drone Thermal imaging 

Automated Pest ID

Drone Thermal for Pests

Envico is currently working with project partner, Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research to utilise thermal imaging onboard a drone and machine learning for automated classification of animals. With this tool, project areas can be mapped with a drone and return population density maps of the target animal, all completed quickly and efficiently. 


The project has been created to fill the problem of detecting animals in  rugged terrain and in areas difficult to access. Using a quantitative tool that covers 100% of the project area, dependant on vegetation canopy, it can far outweigh traditional measuring techniques such as chew cards, wax tags, tracking tunnels or leg-hold traps. All of which require either proportion assumptions or for the animal to interact with the device. Using thermal mapping from the classification tool can remove any assumptions required and does not need any animal interaction.

Envico can provide drone thermal imaging services for pest surveillance and animal population density mapping. 


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