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With the Envico team’s knowledge of conservation and the environment, combined with our technical expertise and our network of suppliers, Envico offers a research service for our clients to assist in identifying the most appropriate technology solution from third parties.


Our team has experience spanning a number of countries and multiple industries, including; aerospace, automobile, agriculture, academia, mining, mineral exploration, oil & gas and military. Our network reaches far and wide so we can assist on any research project as required.



Product Development

With our practicality-focused product design process, the Envico team welcomes any discussion with clients about any problem that they are facing. If it’s a problem which negatively impacts
on the environment, we are keen to identify a solution.


Our engineering and drone experience allows us to draw on that knowledge, both what is viable, practical and allowable within regulations.


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Drone Advisory Services

Is your organisation looking to incorporate drones for any of your environmental work? We can assist with advising on hardware, software and regulations where necessary. If required we can also set up your organisations drone program with SOPs and training.


Envico’s management were the first to conduct CAA 102 regulatory work in New Zealand, using 100kg MTOW radio controlled helicopters for spraying of weeds. Since then, our experience has covered almost any heavy-lift drone work which could be conducted with a drone.


If you would like to discuss further, please feel free to contact
us here.

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