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Our Story

Our story

Envico Technologies Ltd, previously Environment & Conservation Technologies Ltd (ECT) is an award-winning environmental technologies company, pioneering the R&D of specialist drones and automated systems for conservation and biosecurity. By merging engineering, science and drone regulatory disciplines, Envico is able to develop fit-for-purpose solutions, primarily within:

  • Invasive species detection 

  • Invasive species control 

  • Native forestry restoration

  • Environmental monitoring

Founded in 2018, Envico has already garnished significant interest around the world for its leading drone technology and automated ground devices for invasive vertebrate management. With head office in Tauranga, New Zealand, and Australian office in Melbourne, Envico conducts R&D on a number of technology projects as well as provides services using our proprietary drone technology in New Zealand, Australia and throughout the Pacific.

The company was founded by Samuel Vye and Cameron Baker with a focus of developing specialist drone systems. Very quickly, it became apparent that there was a need for new tool development for conservation use, both aerial and ground based. With that demand, the team grew and capabilities increased to fill that demand. The Envico team is now made up of engineers, scientists, and drone experts to fully develop suitable systems.


We love what we do and why we do it.


We have the courage to shape a better future.


We are pioneers of our industry.


We respect people and highly value the environment.


We are committed in every project we undertake.

Solutions focused

We make things happen.

Our values


Providing technology solutions for conservation

Drone baiting rat island eradication

Developing technology solutions by merging specialist engineering with the latest scientific research.


Envico's product development team includes experienced personnel in:

  • Mechanical engineering

  • Electronics engineering

  • Mechatronics engineering

In addition to our internal capabilities, we have a range of partners of expert scientists and professionals throughout industry to enable a project to be completed accurately and with a strong focus on solution orientated design.

Envico's drone operations team is highly experienced and has led biosecurity and conservation projects around the world. The drone team is:

  • Part 102 Certified by CAA for heavy-lift drones, EVLOS, and chemical dispersal.

  • Fully insured for operations worldwide with public liability to $5m.

  • Trained and certified for aerial chemical dispersal and handling of toxins.

  • Operates under an extensive risk matrix.

Our expertise


Our purpose

Our mission statement  -

'Develop pioneering technology solutions for environmental sustainability’

Our purpose is to identify and develop suitable solutions that can overcome our present problems that negatively impact our environment. Whether that problem is detecting invasive species, effective invasives control or deforestation. We are focused on practical and viable solutions for every problem we set out to solve.


Who we work with

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Our Partners
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