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Envico unveils fresh look to complement company's evolution

Envico's previous brandmark alongside their new striking kōwhai yellow brandmark.

Envico has undergone a visual brand transformation as the company continues to evolve as a global award-winning technology start up.

The company has received both national and international industry acclaim for their conservation technologies, winning the 2024 New Zealand Hi-Tech Māori Company of the Year award as well as being announced the Gold winner in the Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards Project of the Year in the Area of Nature & Biological Diversity.

What's new and why

A new logo brandmark

Envico's new brandmark.

The new Envico brandmark combines modern design with approachability - a characteristic which is important to Envico so that customers feel welcome.

The new brandmark includes a full stop. Envico's goal is to provide their customers with a full holistic solution - not just an answer to one part of the conservation and land management problem.

This does not mean that they are fixed on having to create, develop and deliver every solution themselves, as that may not provide the best outcome for their customers. What it does mean though, is that they seek out a complete solution for their customers – whether that’s a solution fully delivered through Envico’s own technologies, or through collaborations between Envico and other partners.

A new colour palette

The strength, beauty and symbolism of kōwhai yellow was chosen for Envico's new primary brand colour. As a Maori-led company, the kōwhai tree's symbolism of growth and renewal, and highly valued healing properties, resonated with the Envico team as their solutions aim to revive, protect and renew native wildlife and fauna.

Envico selected kōwhai yellow as its primary brand colour for its boldness and symbolism.

Further notes of interest about the kōwhai tree:

  • As New Zealand’s unofficial national tree, the kōwhai also carries a great cultural significance in Aotearoa's history 

  • Māori make use of the bark, flowers, leaves and juice for traditional rongoa (medicine)

  • The kōwhai's vibrant yellow flowers are among the first to bloom in spring, signalling the end of winter and the start of a new season

  • New Zealand’s native Tūī bird will fly great distances in search of kōwhai, and will defend it aggressively

"We’re comfortable standing out and being bold, in our drive for innovation that delivers value. We are here to make an impact and to support others to do the same, whilst always remaining humble, grateful and grounded in our roots," noted Cameron Baker, Envico's CEO and co-founder.

A new brand icon

Envico's new brand icon, positioned above the brand name and used as a standalone favicon and digital design element, embodies their holistic approach to problem-solving.

Envico's new brand icon.

The new Envico icon represents multiple elements that are meaningful to Envico and its customers.

  • The company's and its customers commitment to reviving and nurturing native tree canopies - the graphic denotes a top down aerial abstract view of a podocarp

  • The technology that Envico is bringing to industry with their drone innovations

  • And emphasis on a circular system for sustainable solutioning.

The why

"We're excited to progress our visual identity as we evolve as a company. We have gown so much since those early days when we devised our original brand visuals," adds Baker.

"Our focus leans even deeper towards the outcomes that are important to our customers. And as a Māori led company, the use of kōwhai yellow as our new primary brand colour and the symbolism of kōwhai, really resonates with us."

"We hope our customers and partners love our new look as much as we do."

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