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PF2050 award ECT for developing Spitfire devices

Through the funding round led by PF2050 Ltd, ECT has been awarded funding to further develop the Spitfire devices from prototype through to commercialisation. ECT has partnered with Department of Conservation and Boffa Miskell to assist by leading the field trials and registration of the devices in New Zealand.

The Spitfire devices are a unique pest control device that is designed to be left unattended in the field for 1 year between refills. These self-resettable and automated devices will be applicable for use in biosecurity and conservation projects where both eradication of animal pests or protection against re-invasions are necessary. The devices use sensor technology for identifying target species and thereby minimising risk to non-targets. Additionally, risk is further reduced as the Spitfire devices use a toxin ingestion methodology as opposed to a mechanical kill system.

ECT expects to finalise prototype design during 2020 with field trials extending from 2020-2022 to secure registration in New Zealand.

Click here to find out more information about the Spitfire. (Hyperlink to the Spitfire webpage).

Information from PF2050 Ltd can be found here

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